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Yoel Romero: Cuban Missile Crisis

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If you haven’t heard, Yoel ”Cuban Missile Crisis*” Romero has launched a full-on assault on the UFC’s middleweight division. You may not be too familiar with his work, but prepare to be amazed during the upcoming UFC on Fox 11 card, when Romero takes on Tavares.

*note: Cuban Missile Crisis is not his official nickname, but it should be

Here are 3 reasons why Yoel Romero will hold the middleweight division hostage in the near future:

1. Olympic Gold
During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Yoel Romero took home the silver medal in freestyle wrestling. As the sport has evolved, we’ve seen the vital importance of wrestling when it comes to dictating where the fight takes place. I’m willing to bet about 500 grams of silver that Yoel can present a tough challenge to most middleweights.

2. TKO Extravaganza
Yoel is currently 7-1 in his professional mixed martial arts career with all of his wins graciously awarded via TKO/KO. His last TKO missile was delivered in the third round, demonstrating that he is dangerous throughout the entire fight.

3. So Fresh & So Clean
Yoel might be 36 years of age, but he has only competed in mixed martial arts for about 4 years. When it comes to strikes to the head and cage mileage, he is so fresh and so clean. After witnessing his athleticism and explosiveness, it only makes you wish he would have entered the sport sooner.

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