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Vitor Belfort: The Wolf of MMA

After both the Nevada Athletic Commission and UFC have banned the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Vitor Belfort became the unofficial Wolf of MMA. Over the past year, the Phenom drastically improved his fighting style and had three head-kick knockouts in a row (one of them was awarded KO of the year)! Although he wasn’t the only fighter with a Therapeutic Use Exemption (think Dan Henderson, Frank Mir, Chael Sonnen), his impressive victories have raised red flags.

Now that TRT is banned, Belfort now plans on moving forward without his special mojo (TRT). The question remains: can the young dinosaur still pack a mortal kombat-like punch?

Here are three reasons why Belfort will continue his dominating streak, even without TRT:

1. Belfort was winning impressively even before using TRT
Do you think Belfort’s latest knockouts are impressive? Well, that’s nothing new in Vitor’s world. Out of his 24 wins, he has 17 total knockouts, with 14 coming in the first round. It’s easy to credit his latest victories to TRT, but if you look at his record, he was putting people to sleep well before his Therapeutic Use Exemption.

2. Vitor’s only losses were to the best fighters in the world
Vitor’s only losses are to the following:

– Jon Jones (current #1 P4P in the world), note: Belfort took the fight on short notice and claimed to have a broken hand.

– Anderson Silva (arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time)

– Dan Henderson (legend of the sport) note: Belfort avenged this loss with a first round KO

– Alistair Overeem (world kickboxing champion, and current heavyweight)

– Tito Ortiz (one of the greatest light-heavyweight champions of his time)

– Randy Couture (legend of the sport, UFC Hall of Fame)

– Chuck Liddell (one of the greatest light-heavyweight champions of his time)

– Kazushi Sakuraba (former UFC Japan Heavyweight Tournament Champion)

3. The old lion has learned new tricks
Most recently, Belfort added a series of kicks to his arsenal. With solid takedown defense, blood-thirsty boxing, sneaky jiu jitsu, and acrobatic leg missiles, one can expect to see a great fighter even if his performance slows down a bit without TRT. He might not have the same lightning-quick reflexes, but his technique is unarguably impressive.

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