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UFC 171 Recap: Hendricks vs Lawler

UFC 171: Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks and “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler. Two beasts with “God-given knockout power” according to Mr. Joe Rogan. Well, the results were just as expected: they banged it out like Rocky V. Lawler rocked Hendricks a few times, and vis versa. However, the end was quite anticlimactic. It was extremely close going into the fifth with most people having it 2 rounds a pop. All of a sudden, Hendricks catches Lawler on the chin and starts teeing off! Right when you can smell a knockout, the bearded 4×4 went for a takedown and basically hugged Robbie for the remainder of the round. Game over. Hendricks wins the UFC welterweight gold via hug. Congrats to you, bearded warrior.

Here’s a graphic depiction that basically sums up UFC 171 – Hendricks vs Lawler:

Rounds 1-2:
Johny catches Robbie with a few good punches…and surprisingly, somewhat effective leg kicks. Hendricks wins round 1 & 2.

Rounds 3-4:
Robbie starts to make a comeback and cracks Johny left and right throughout rounds 3 & 4. This seriously resembles a Rocky movie. At the end of the fourth, it’s a tie: 2 rounds each.

Round 5:
It’s still a back and forth battle, are we in for an epic finish!? No. Right when it starts to get interesting and they’re both digging deep for the final drops of gas in the tank, Hendricks goes for a takedown. Great. The last minute or so of this battle of epic proportions is spent with Johny snuggling over Robbie. The look on Lawler’s face is priceless. In the end, this awesome fight was won via hug.

Johny Hendricks wins 3 rounds to 2, via hug.
After the fight, during the press conference, it was announced that Hendricks is now sponsored by Snuggle laundry detergent – the ultimate in snuggly softness.

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