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Rousimar Palhares Facts: Leg Lock Master

Cashin’ checks and snappin’ legs: the master of leg locks is back and ready to do some damage! Rousimar Palhares (15-5) is known for his vicious heel hooks. Next Saturday, the 5’8″ Brazilian will try to break Steve Carl’s leg in his WSOF debut. Palhares is one of the most feared fighters in MMA due to his disregard for safety. He has victories over David Branch, Mike Massenzio, and most recently Mike Pierce. All opponents have received the signature Palhares leg submission treatment.

Palhares was cut from the UFC for not immediately letting go of a heel hook on Mike Pierce when the referee stopped the fight. However, he is locked and loaded for his MMA return. We will soon find out whether the master of leg locks can continue his heel hook streak and become the WSOF welterweight champion. Here are some interesting Rousimar Palhares Facts:

Rousimar Palhares Facts
Rousimar once leg locked himself just to see what it feels like. Even after the ref stepped in, Palhares still didn’t let go.
Rousimar once received the key to the city of Sao Paulo. He used it to lock the city…and then threw away the key.
Palhares’ favorite animal is the centipede. More legs to love.
Palhares has 109 unpaid traffic tickets. All citations were written for ignoring a stop sign.
WSOF officials confirmed that Palhares’ entrance song will be “Pop, Lock & Drop It.”
The saying “break a leg” was created by Rousimar’s great grandfather Diego “Pierna de Oro” (Golden Leg) Palhares.
Palhares once locked himself out of his house, so he called a locksmith. They had to break down the door.
Palhares performed his first leg lock at the age of 2. It lasted until his first day of middle school.
Olympian Oscar Pistorius, known as the “The Blade Runner,” used to train jiu jitsu in Brazil.
There are exactly 27 orthopedic surgery clinics within a 5 mile radius of Rousimar’s gym. There is a 15% discount if you were referred by Palhares.
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