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Latest Tweets Lamenting Conor McGregor

What happened to Conor McGregor? We the sheep propelled him to way too much fame and way too much money.  We let him show his ass and engage in felonies without much in the way of consequences.  Now, the Twitter lamentations begin.  Oh what happened to Connor.  Here is some of the whining and bitching that you will find in Twitterworld….

* * * *

Captain America huh?  Nah, try Loki!

Hey, this asshole threw a hand truck through a bus window, injuring other fighters and resulting in the cancellation of three fights he wasn’t even on…

And the whining continues…

Boring, Dave… just boring so no response!

Ok, this has gone long enough, better Tweets please!  Tell ’em Brock!

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Latest Tweets Lamenting Conor McGregor