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Canelo vs Golovkin: Judges Still Suck

In any combat sports, you always hear the phrase: “don’t leave it in the judges’ hands”.  The Canelo Golovkin fight is another blatant example.  Because of the way this fight went, Golovkin will see his legacy diminish.  Yes, GGG destroyed everyone through the years until he had to fight the biggest fight of his career against Canelo Alvarez.  Problem is that he was already 35 for the original fight and 36 for the rematch.  A 31 yo GGG would have probably destroyed Canelo, but father time doesn’t forgive.

To make it worse, we at mmaslam believe that GGG was robbed of the original decision.  Then he had to fight a younger Canelo who had just tested positive for cheating with performance enhancing drugs.  Canelo claimed that the result was due to contaminated meat.  A millionaire boxer who likely has his diet carefully managed just happened to eat bad Mexican meat.  Okay, go ahead and believe that if you want.  While doing that look at the fight video and see how Canelo looks, surely diet and exercise in a relatively short time period can give you a body builder physique that you never had before. Surely…

Anyway, GGG’s career will be remembered for losing on the main stage regardless of the circumstances.  His mistake was leaving it to the judges and not fighting the final two rounds like his career and legacy depended on it, which it did.  Some believe that GGG was robbed again and you can see some of the discussion in our GGG vs Canelo video section.

But it is worse than that.  We also bring you some more examples of bad boxing decisions and also bad mma decisions.  Was this a terrible decision?  No, it wasn’t.  We had Canelo winning 7-5 but had some reservations about a round which would have made it a draw.  The problem with the decision is that the two judges that had Canelo winning, scored the 12th round for Canelo.  No f’ing way that Canelo won that round.  Does it look like the judges had to do this in order to meet some kind of shady agreement or requirement?  No, we would never suggest that boxing is dirty and point out that Canelo is Oscar De La Hoya’s golden boy (pun intended), and that Oscar promoted this fight and maybe had some way to push the outcome in the right direction.  We would not suggest that but we will tell you the way around any of that for GGG would have been to knock the guy out.

So the lesson remains: Don’t leave it in the judge’s hands!!!

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